PinForce Sentinel Reports

Councils are facing growing demand for finite parking resources. To meet this need, councils require accurate data to form the basis of parking policy, as well as tools to enforce compliance. PinForce Sentinel is a comprehensive parking management tool and reports illustrate graphically how PinForce Sentinel can measure and manage parking resources for:

  • Utilisation
  • Turnover
  • Occupancy
  • Possible infringements vs actual infringements, ensuring the balance between compliance and enforcement is maintained.

DCA’s sensor product provides sophisticated reports to councils regarding parking behaviour in the form of a Dashboard. The Dashboard is a monitoring and reporting package that allows councils to report, analyse and support decisions on parking policy, compliance and enforcement. It displays this information in a graphical nature for visual interpretation and analysis. Prior to the development of this technology, this data could only be obtained through human observations, a costly and inaccurate process.

Collecting Report Data

The sensors record parking event activity for the entire time that the sign plates are active.

Parking event data for all bays is transmitted wirelessly to the mobile devices when parking officers are in range.

The parking event data is used to generate a variety of reports that provide powerful tools for measuring and managing parking resources.

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