PinForce Sentinel


PinForce Sentinel is an integrated infringement issuing system that uses infringement-grade sensors buried underground to report on the status of parking spaces.

These sensors are incredibly accurate; they precisely and consistently record events such as vehicle arrivals and departures as auditable ‘traces’, providing the empirical evidence required to successfully prosecute infringements in court.

The PinForce Sentinel system sends electronic notifications to officers in the field, alerting them to potential infringements so notices can be quickly issued. This process is simplified by the seamless integration between DCA’s PinForce Sentinel sensors and PinForce Mobile. This allows the pre-population of parking event details and immediate infringement assessment, increasing the speed and accuracy with which infringements are issued.

DCA’s vehicle detection sensor system is more than an electronic chalking machine. It provides comprehensive reporting on parking occupancy, utilisation, compliance, non-compliance and turnover. This allows accurate measurements of on-street and off-street parking to be made for the first time, giving insight into parking problems. Every site using PinForce Sentinel has reported significant improvements in parking compliance.

Why choose PinForce Sentinel?

  • Judicial certainty: infringements issued by PinForce Sentinel have been successfully prosecuted in court.
  • Increased officer productivity.
  • Accurate, efficient data capture.
  • Seamless integration with PinForce Mobile.
  • Detailed reporting on parking occupancy, turnover, utilisation and violations.
  • Effective assessment of parking policy based on real parking behavior data.
  • Discreet, secure underground installation.
  • Effective planning of officer patrols based on comprehensive, real-world data.
  • Elimination of tyre chalking.
  • Addresses occupational health and safety issues.
  • Allows wireless alterations to parking business rules (hours of operation, time restrictions, etc.).
  • Provides information on under-utilised parking areas that can be shared with the public.

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