Using PinForce Mobile


PinForce Mobile is easy and straightforward to use. Officers enter data and print tickets using mobile devices. Data is entered on the easy-to-read touch screens by selecting important entry fields (streets, suburbs, offences etc.) from drop-down lists ensuring accuracy of the data. A virtual keyboard is used to enter other details such as offender name, comments etc.

When integrated with PinForce Sentinel, PinForce LPR, PayStay and/or PinForce ePermits, many of the entry fields are auto-populated.

Using the mobile device camera and microphone, photos and voice recordings can be attached to specific infringements to provide further evidence and improve the accuracy and reliability of the infringement.

Tickets can be printed on a separate small, portable thermal printer utilising reliable Bluetooth technology.  Alternatively, when using DCA’s Software Cloud SaaS Services, DCA can print and mail notices on the issuing authority’s behalf.

Officers are able to transfer all the infringement data and images etc. to the central server that contains the PinForce management system via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G at the end of the shift. Some clients prefer real-time transferring of data from the field utilising 3G or 4G communications.

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