PinForce Mobile


Launched in 2002, PinForce Mobile is PinForce’s core product and is an industry leading infringement issuing and management system.

PinForce Mobile is a solution that enables officers to issue infringements using handheld devices.  This is a powerful solution that not only replaces handwritten processes and old technologies; it also increases officers’ efficiency, accuracy and ability to collect evidence in the field.

PinForce Mobile software is hardware independent and easily customisable.  This gives customers flexibility in both the selection of handheld device and the compliance areas in which to use the solution.

This sophisticated and flexible solution supports compliance functions including parking, public transport, local laws, animal and abandoned vehicle enforcement.

Why choose PinForce Mobile?

  • Fast, efficient and intuitive interface for issuing infringements and compliance notices, designed with the enforcement officer in mind.
  • Multiple innovative modules to choose from, such voice & photo, duress alarm and GPS pre-populated addresses that can be easily configured to further enhance functionality.
  • Seamless integration with other PinForce solutions (PinForce Sentinel sensors, PinForce LPR, PinForce ePermits and PayStay pay-by-phone system) automatically pre-populates fields which improves officer efficiency and accuracy.
  • Hardware agnostic: clients can choose from an extensive variety of hardware to find suitable devices, accessories and features.
  • Allows insightful administrative and management reports to be quickly generated.
  • The traditional back-end administrative processes associated with infringement functions are automated and streamlined.

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