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PinForce LPR is a vehicle mounted mobile Licence Plate Recognition system that integrates with PinForce Mobile and complements PinForce Sentinel providing a total solution for your organisational needs. Mobile LPR systems offer the parking industry a wide range of benefits, especially those with small pockets of high parking problem areas across large geographies.

Managing the ever increasing parking demands on a finite resource is a demanding job and PinForce LPR addresses this challenge by using technology to automate many of the time-consuming functions:

  • Reading a parked vehicle’s number plate whilst simultaneously taking pictures of the parked vehicle.
  • Searching a database hotlist for residential permits, warnings, vehicles of interest and stolen vehicles.
  • Providing electronic ’chalking for each vehicle it passes and automatically alerting the officer to any offending vehicle after a second pass once the parking restriction has lapsed.
  • Integrating with PinForce Mobile.

PinForce LPR is easy to deploy in most vehicles and can be moved from one vehicle to another. The cameras can be fixed to a vehicle via numerous options, including window mounting, magnet, suction or fixed mountings.

When installed, PinForce LPR can scan over 1,000 vehicles per hour, in almost any weather during the day and in low light conditions. The system creates and retains images for verification if an infringement notice is challenged. PinForce LPR offers greatly improved accuracy over old, manual methods, while reducing time and resource requirements for monitoring and infringement notice issuing.

PinForce LPR links to a variety of on-board databases enabling a wide range of parking and vehicle compliance issues to be managed simultaneously, including residential and permit parking, wanted and stolen vehicles and more. Officers can be alerted in real-time of vehicle overstays and vehicles of interest. Collected data can then be transferred back to office via an internet connection.

At the heart of the PinForce LPR system is a ruggedized, touch-screen tablet. Building on the PinForce reputation for ease of use, the system enables officers to cover the maximum area in a shift and minimising errors in data entry. The user-friendly interface allows organisations to deploy PinForce LPR with a minimum of training.

DCA’s PinForce LPR is the logical, modern method for monitoring and managing parking, especially in widely spaced parking environments.

Why choose PinForce LPR?

LPR systems offer the industry a wide range of benefits, especially those with small pockets of high parking problem areas across large geographies. PinForce LPR combined with PinForce Sentinel, DCA’s in ground vehicle detection sensor system, complement and integrate with each other to provide a total solution for organisational needs.

PinForce LPR is integrated with PinForce Mobile, a significant advantage for all current PinForce customers and provides new customers with an opportunity to invest in leading technology solutions.

After PinForce LPR detects a vehicle has overstayed or without the proper permit authorisations, all relevant data is transferred to a PinForce Mobile handheld device sitting in the vehicle.

Officers have the option to either issue an infringement on the spot, or via mail at the end of their shift. Real-time synchronisation is available through any internet connection, meaning the data capture can be sent back to base at any stage.

PinForce integration includes providing a single comprehensive reporting system to view all your infringement activities and integrated Penalty Infringement Notice management systems for managing evidentiary data.

No need to re-enter data and photos identified by the LPR system. This provides a distinct advantage over using different systems where reciprocal operation is difficult.

Unlike other systems, PinForce LPR has been extensively modified to read Australian and New Zealand number plates. Without this extensive customisation, other imported systems fail to read many Australasian number plates.

The PinForce LPR difference

DCA’s PinForce LPR is a breakthrough in mobile parking management and compliance, offering:

  • PinForce Mobile integration.
  • High speed monitoring; over 1,000 vehicles per hour.
  • Day and low light operation.
  • Ease of use.
  • Improved officer safety and comfort.
  • Electronic chalking.
  • Database linked monitoring for multiple, simultaneous types of compliance management.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Lower incidence of challenges.
  • Innovative reporting and management tools for enhanced planning and compliance.
  • Powerful and efficient surveying tool.

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