PinForce Images Online

As a service to councils, DCA can build a customised web page that allows users to view all the relevant images and details relating to their infringement.

Whilst this service is mainly used to enquire on parking infringements, the flexibility of PinForce Images Online allows it to be customised to display details of other PinForce infringement types such as lost animals, abandoned vehicles, LPR details etc.

Using parking as an example, users simply enter their Parking Infringement Number and vehicle registration and the images and details associated with their offence will be displayed.

This service is accessible to the community 24 /7, and considerably reduces council resource allocation, time and effort in managing this activity.

The web page is themed according to the council’s logos and corporate colours.

The web page is also mobile friendly so motorists and the community can easily view their infringement details on their mobile devices.

How does PinForce Images Online work?

DCA creates a web service application that is installed on the council’s Web Server.  This is a simple web page accessible to any user on the Internet.

To make an enquiry about a parking infringement on the web page, a user only needs to enter the following:

  • Parking Infringement Number
  • Vehicle Registration

These fields are queried against the values in the PinForce database.  The web page then displays all images related to the infringement as well as all information appearing on the infringement notice, namely:

  • Offence details
  • Offence location
  • Vehicle details
  • Payment details and options (with links as required)

This allows users to verify whether a parking offence has been correctly issued without the need to consult council administration staff.

Why choose PinForce Images Online?

The benefits of this solution, as a result of providing photographic evidence, include:

  • Reduction in customer contact from a client/public perspective.
  • Increase in customer service from the public’s perspective.
  • Increase in paid fines.
  • Reduction in contested fines.
  • Reduction in client/public confrontations.
  • Reduction in client administration time.
  • Reduction in public time in contesting.
  • Licensable module outside of a PinForce releases i.e. no need to upgrade existing PinForce.
  • Strong return on investment due to the above productivity
  • PinForce Online solution is an easy method for clients to view their infringement notice.

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