Cloud SaaS Services

DCA, from its Melbourne and Sydney-based data centres, offers a range of system hosting services to our clients.

DCA offer a unique, one-stop service that means your application designers, programmers, installation, administration and support staff of your mission-critical systems are all under one roof.

We are able to remove ‘middleman’, communications problems and organisational IT pressures/resourcing by housing the systems within the same organisation that built them.

The cloud operates in many ways, and DCA is a leading operator in this space.

How does DCA Hosting work?

DCA offers platform managed service offerings that include target times for acknowledgment, issue severity, issue resolution and a guarantee of up time. This service comes with a minimum 99.7% up time guarantee and can be as much as a 99.9% guarantee.

Our premium level managed Service Offering provides a total assurance by equipping a second, managed, disaster-recovery system at a physically separate location (nominally Sydney).  With Premium level, you can be confident that services can continue to be offered in situations that might otherwise become a business disaster.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Business hours support hotline
  • 24/7 system monitoring with automatic alerts
  • All servers kept under 24/7 service agreements with suppliers
  • 99% up-time
  • Weekly offsite backups of all data and configuration
  • Daily incremental backups of data and configuration
  • System-level redundancy including multiple power supplies, dual Web servers
  • Site-level redundancy with a complete ‘warm standby’ system available at a 2nd site
  • Local spare parts store
  • System Monitoring and tuning
  • Daily replication of data from the primary to the secondary site (offsite backup)
  • Security patch management for operating systems and databases
  • Intrusion detection services

Why choose DCA Hosting?

The benefits of this solution:

  • DCA offers a secure and highly available hosting infrastructure based industry best practice technologies. The infrastructure is designed to eliminate a single point of failure and encourage automatic failover in the event of site based catastrophic incidents.  DCA technical staff support and monitor the infrastructure with key support staff located at the data centre sites, allowing for rapid response to any business-critical issues.
  • DCA provide a primary Data Centre in Melbourne with an optional second Disaster Recovery site located in Sydney. Both sites are interconnected via a private network with dual redundant Internet connections.  A large UPS provides continuity of power.  Dual firewalls operate in a HA (hardware availability) mode.
  • DCA has Specialist support staff available to support all layers of the solution.
  • DCA Saas/Hosting solution has been offered to clients since 2003. A mature, secure and proven offering that enables it to provide a ‘one stop shop’ where the entire technical capability is provided and maintained by a single vendor.
  • DCA is a major provider of Parking systems hosting services to major Councils around the country.
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