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Flexibilty, adaptabilty and ease of use

Here is an example of how the Health Inspection module can change the compliance process for the better. During the inspection process, the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) may perform a number of tasks such as taking food and water samples. With PinForce City Wide, the Health Inspection survey will enable the EHO to electronically capture the details of the items to be sampled and tested. The EHO can capture the information quickly and easily on pre-populated screens, as well as adding additional information that the inspection may require. Additional health modules covered under an EHO’s role include pool water sampling, food service and storage inspections, tobacco sales and infringements just to name a few. The modules can be adapted to particular tasks and functions required by your municipality. Activity surveys and logs are part of all City Wide modules. In addition, various Compliance Notices including overhanging branches, litter abatement, fire prevention, and abandoned vehicles are also available, proving City Wide has the flexibility for every Council’s needs.

PinForce City Wide offers a clear user interface, with a wide range of functions and benefits. PinForce City Wide has the flexibility to support a wide range of inspection and compliance duties, from commercial kitchens to abandoned vehicles and almost anything in between. PinForce City Wide is ready to go with a friendly, simple to use interface. Data is entered easily and instantly for consolidation into your database, ready for reports and infringement notices. Screens are prepopulated with information relevant to your Council by-laws for efficient and accurate compliance. On the spot analysis of inspections gives Officers and recipients instant outcomes, prior to official notification.

Reports are made easy and comprehensive

Field Officers are able to print reports up to A4 size in the field after completing their inspections or tasks, and can load historical information on a laptop or tablet to take with them each day for access in the field. Collected data can be transferred in real time via 4G straight to your Council or organisation’s head office systems such as ProClaim (Technology One), Pathway and Authority, or downloaded directly to your system on return to base.

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