PayStay is a smartphone application that makes it simple to find and pay for parking in metered areas around your city. Not only is PayStay an excellent cashless alternative to using coins, but it can also guide you to vacant parking spaces using your mobile phone’s mapping system. Developed using leading pay-by-phone technology in Europe, PayStay is the market leading solution within Australia and is innovated to suit local conditions. More importantly, it is easy to use and is reliable – which is why PayStay is becoming Australia’s preferred mobile payment application.

PayStay integrates seamlessly with DCA’s PinForce Mobile enforcement application, providing parking officers with a single tool to track meters and payment. Together, officers have the latest information at their fingertips, greatly reducing tickets issued in error and the resulting frustration of administration costs.

Using PayStay

Register: Users simply create an account by registering through the app on their Android or Apple smartphones, the PayStay website, or on the toll-free customer support centre.

Find Parking: Users can search for vacant parking spaces in the area they wish to go by simply looking at the area on the map, or by adding filters such as price, parking time limits or streets. Once selected, PayStay will guide you to the free space using your phones mapping system.

Park & Start: Once you arrive in the desired space, users can simply type in the bay or zone number to begin their parking session and away you go.

Stop & Leave: When your time expires, or whenever you wish to leave, simply press the ‘stop parking’ button and you will only be charged for the time you stayed.

Save time and money

With this uniquely integrated mobile payment option, drivers will never again have to dig for coins or interrupt a meeting or dinner party to feed the meter. You can even opt-in for a notification when your time is about to expire to make sure you don’t overstay your time limit. The PayStay and PinForce Mobile system also provides parking rangers  with targeted information that allows them to quickly identify high-risk areas and manage violations.

Show me the way

Finding parking in any town or city can be difficult, let alone finding a space that suits your time restrictions, price and location. PayStay’s latest real-time parking locator feature, the first of its kind for on-street parking in Australia, can solve all of this at the touch of a button. Simply explore the mapped area of where you aim to park your vehicle and tap on the desired space to see all parking information including price, duration and even likelihood of vacancy. Alternatively, you can enter these parameters before you navigate to the map for a faster find.

The PayStay difference

Of the many attributes that set PayStay apart from its competitors these are the five key differences:

  1. PCI-DSS Certified, Merchant and Service Provider.
  2. An established product, adapted for Australian conditions.
  3. A range of easy-to-use payment options encourages user uptake.
  4. Developed, supported and hosted locally by innovative company with extensive experience in infringement management solutions.
  5. Seamless integration with the core PinForce product, PinForce Mobile and PinForce ePermits.
  6. DCA’s experience, commitment to the compliance sector and continual development allows us to future proof PayStay technology.

PayStay benefits

  • Start/Stop system means motorists only pay for the parking they use.
  • Integrates with PinForce suite, making it easier for officers to identify when vehicles are in violation.
  • Accounts are easy to open and use via Android or Apple app, website, or over the phone.
  • Convenient for users: no need to carry coins, walk to the meter or return with a ticket.
  • Motorists can pay for parking from the comfort of their car.

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