Press Releases

July 2018 Smart phone to unlock the City of Fremantle’s Integrated Parking Management System
October 2017 PayStay exceeds 300,000 Australian Motorists
October 2017 Find your way in Bunbury
April 2017 PayStay is leading the way
January 2017 DCA’s technology supports the world’s move liveable city
October 2016 Joining forces with Yarra
August 2016 PayStay Registrations reach 150,000
December 2015 Welcome to ParkNet
December 2015 Cloud, Hosting, Managed Services made easy with DCA
October 2015 PayStay unveils new release
April 2015 2015 proving to be a very busy year
June 2014 PinForce successfully deployed across Sydney Trains network
April 2013 Evidence supplied by PinForce Sentinel sensors used in six more successful prosecutions
December 2012 DCA wins Parking Association of Australia Infrastructure category award for PinForce Sentinel
November 2012 PinForce Sentinel Sensor Infringement successfully procecuted in Court
August 2012 Port Macquarie-Hastings Council – PinForce Sentinel
January 2012 East Gippsland Shire Council – PinForce City Wide
July 2011 City of Melbourne – PinForce Sentinel
July 2011 Western Australia – Cities of Fremantle, Joondalup and Mandurah
October 2010 Manningham City Council – PinForce Sentinel
September 2010 Byron Shire Council – PinForce LPR
January 2010 Pittwater City Council – PinForce Images Online
February 2009 PinForce Sentinel
January 2009 City of Greater Dandanong – PinForce City Wide
February 2006 City of Sydney
September 2005 NSW Infringements – Electronic Processing
March 2005 City of Perth
Mar 2005 North Sydney Council
April 2004 Auckland City Council
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